Hello Thoughtbounders!

Grand and exciting news today in our world - and hopefully in yours too! Module 1: Understanding Hardware and Requirements is going LIVE today! You can sign up for a 30 day free trial of Thoughtbound to receive access - just go to our Plans And Pricing page.

This module will focus on helping young engineers discover, benchmark, and remember the important pieces of a computer - including:

  • CPU

  • GPU

  • RAM

  • Motherboard

  • Disks

This module consists of:

  1. A Powerpoint, with the most basic information needed to understand the concepts and complete the challenge, as well as the analogies to help make the terms memorable.

  2. An outline handout with a deeper dive into information and further reading suggestions.

  3. An application document where you will complete the first challenge - which is understanding how your PC compares to what Unreal Engine 4 will need to run in future lessons!

If your PC doesn't match the Minimum Specifications, not to worry!

Our next module will focus on how to get a virtual machine running in a Cloud Environment - such as Microsoft Azure - where you will have access to as much or as little compute power as necessary.

Don't forget to upload your completed document from Step 3, to be considered for entry into the current challenge cycle!

One winner - randomly selected the last week of November from those who submitted their Module 1 Challenge entry - will be a finalist in our Annual Hackathon in October, 2022! They will also have the ability to bring two friends to attend the virtual Hackathon event with them - at no cost!


In future lessons, we will be diving into designing a video game, piece by piece. Each module will have the opportunity to keep building a game started in prior modules OR start a new game concept - great if you're just joining, or, simply decide you need a change from your existing game design. And you can expect the module contents to be more diverse as we dive further into the content - ranging from screen captures walking you through the steps, to code examples, to open ended game design and software design challenges.

This is engineering the bridge between the mind and the world. This is Thoughtbound.