STATUS UPDATE - Can we build it? Yes we can! :)

Updated: Oct 9

Hey everyone!

Since it is now mid-January and our original launch was planned for the New Year, I wanted to write this post to give you all a quick update! Here it is in Q/A format so it's a quick and easy read.

Q: Are we still building the site and making the content?

A: Absolutely! We've extended the timeline for free trials until November 1, 2021, and will have early access content available starting from July, 2021 for anyone signed up on our site! This will be a great way to get a quick start, and a good introduction to some of the basics of programming before we roll out more content in paid fashion. Remember that each lesson is applied with a real world analogy or application, which makes it easy to remember going forward.

Q: Why has the project gotten delayed?

A: Thoughtbound and Emblazon Industries™ creator Susan Magnani is both an active developer and engineer in the field, and also committed to running Thoughtbound. What this means is that she has ongoing, relevant expertise in the field of software engineering - oftentimes performing on the bleeding edge of technology.

Among her rigorous conference presentation schedule she also makes time to learn herself, holding four certifications (Azure Fundamentals, Azure Developer, AWS Cloud Practitioner, and Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner). This makes her a great resource to learn from at Thoughtbound.

However, there are only 24 hours in a day, and, her most recent work has resulted in a move from Chicago, Illinois to Austin, Texas. She will be entirely moved in at the beginning of February, 2021, and has understandably delayed actively producing content for Thoughtbound until then - so that she can meet the unparalleled quality that this service and its students deserve.

Q: When is the first networking conference? When is the first challenge winner?

A: The first networking final conference will be in October, 2022. The first challenge winner will be from the month of November, 2021, and will be announced by the end of the first week of December, 2021. What a great start to the holidays!

Q: I see you are advertising referrals! How can I participate?

A: We've updated the site signup to prompt users for if they were referred, and if so, by whom. All you'll need to have your friends do is:

- Sign up and enter "Yes I was referred", and enter your email.

- Select a paid subscription.

- Once the service is live at the beginning of November, each person who has referred at least 2 others will receive 4 FREE months of access to our site. It's a great way to try our service, and get involved with others!