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The idea for Thoughtbound came from the notion that computers and people are after the same thing - to solve problems in the most efficient way possible. The computer solves mathematical problems, while we have problems to solve with our relationships, work, thinking patterns, actions, the world, and more.

However, many of the paradigms used to program computers can also be applied through analogies to our own lives. Thoughtbound was founded on the premise that we can both educate the next generation of engineers, and help them remember what they learn by having them apply it to their own lives and solutions - gaining knowledge both technically and personally.

Thoughtbound was also founded on the idea that programming should be fun, and accessible. That's why we are a reasonably priced subscription service that can be cancelled any time, and, we teach through one of the most revered technical professions - video game development! With Thoughtbound, you won't just play games - you'll design them on one of the most well respected game engines - Unreal Engine (https://www.unrealengine.com). Some of our pre-release videos (which will be available by December, 2020!) will walk you through the following:

- Who, What, & WHY is Thoughtbound - because without understanding why something is important, what incentive is there to do it?

- Understanding the Body of the Computer - Intro to computer hardware / software, analogy to our own bodily and cognitive processes.

- Minimum Requirements - The minimum requirements needed to run Unreal Engine and get the most out of the program, a way to run Unreal Engine in the cloud if your computer doesn't meet these requirements, and analogy to hiring processes and biases.

- Setup Challenge - The first challenge walks through setting up your computer so you're all set to participate at the official launch January 1, 2021!

Trust us - you won't just learn, you'll remember. Plus, you can trial the site and all the above content until launch day!

We're in the business of changing minds. Because to solve problems, we need to think better.

Why do you wake up in the morning? Sound off in the comments!

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